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Our goal is to educate all our active traders! No matter how inexperienced you are in binary options, Olimp Finance will make you raise your game to meet the challenge of successful trading!

Binary Options is not a simple concept to understand, but here at Olimp Finance trading platform we bring you knowledge that makes a layperson become a professional trader making more profits per day than a regular Joe in a month or even a year. Thus we offer wide variety of educational tools and materials to all of our traders.

For example, we provide:

  • binary options eBook to all new traders. The eBook contains useful information concerning trading binary options (with full glossary of terminology).
  • access to the video section. Olimp Finance video section is full of educational videos on binary options trading.
  • access to webinars, which are online courses deliberately created to teach traders everything they need to know about financial markets and trading: from trading techniques to money management tips. Depending on account package certain trader is in possession of, he has access to mentioned tools free of charge!

Educational Center is a unique place on The Olimp Finance trading platform that gives all traders all the information they seek to make their trades wise, reasonable and successful. Trading experts surely will appreciate our advanced courses while beginners start to enter the extremely interesting world of binary options basics. It is commonly known that knowledge is a key to financial and personal success, therefore, the more traders know about trading binary options online, the greater profit they make while trading!

*Please note that some content is only available to Olimp Finance account holders. Please open an Olimp Finance account if you desire to obtain full access to our trading academy.

Athena eBook

This unique eBook is a one of a kind tool for a trader who wants to vastly extend his knowledge about trading. Athena eBook was prepared by Olimp Finance experts to give traders extensive learning tool. Digital form had been chosen, instead of a traditional paper book, to make the knowledge about binary options trading as accessible as possible. It is a must have for all who are seriously thinking about trading binary options online.

Athena eBook main topics include:

  • Traders’ behavior and psychology.
  • An introduction to binary options.
  • Necessary concepts and terms.
  • Explanation of trading strategies and tools.
  • How to use trading platform.
  • Various trading techniques.

  • download e-bookAthena ebook

    Video Courses

    In simple words, video courses prepared by Olimp Finance experts are a variety of lessons concerning binary options and trading. If you are a beginner, you can start with the basics. If you think your knowledge is on a higher level, feel free to skip ahead to advanced strategies. This broad collection of our video courses will help you enlarge your trading potential. Among with others offers top trading tactics from the trading professionals we offer a series of clear and brief tutorials for everyone. From a course introduction to advanced market analysis, these video courses are very helpful to everyone planning to trade binary options online.

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    Olimp Finance webinars are a special one-on-one online meetings with our top trading coaches. This is the one and only opportunity allowing every trader to keep up on the most valuable market information, newest trading trends, unique trading techniques, and much more! If you wish to be on the top of binary options trading, just pick one of our Olimp Finance webinars and listen to market experts discussing the most efficient and flawless trading strategies. Get the guidance you need to fully unleash your trading potential, now!

    In order to start expanding your trading knowledge with Olimp Finance webinars, ask your account manager about the terms of subscription.

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