Who Are We? About Olimp Finance

Olimp Finance was initially established by a specialist group. The founders were experts in binary options trading, as well as in financial markets in general. We are knowledgeable about in Forex trading, derivatives and also international laws and legislation.

What are our objectives?

The most important goal to us was to create a platform our customers could use effortlessly – and we have achieved that objective. Our platform’s aim is to demonstrate our customers, that binary options trading is truly simple. But our platforms wasn’t set only for beginners. The professional binary options traders may likewise utilize our binary options trading platform to their advantage. We take the line that a customer-oriented platform with numerous instruments to utilize is important for the experienced traders as well as for newcomers. Thanks to that approach we have officially accumulated a faithful and fulfilled client base.

The offer of Olimp Finance

Olimp Finance’s offer is very wide. You may choose from almost 150 underlying assets and numerous methods of trading. With Olimp Finance you have the opportunity to trade indices, currency pairs, stocks, commodities… And with our simple tools it is really simple. If you trade with us, you have guaranteed access to important information and professional advice. It is really important to us to help our customers gain the maximum profit at the minimum risk. We also believe that every organization ought to develop. That is why you should become interested in our Trading Academy – we offer interactive webinars and customized indicators, an advanced eBook about binary options trading, educational videos and finance market reviews updated on a regular basis.

Why is it a good idea to become interested in binary options?

Trading binary options online is a segment of trade that is growing very fast. They are getting increasingly popular, mainly because they let the trader gain a huge income in a short time. What’s more, although binary options trading depends on a simple yes/no choice, there are many binary options trading methods and strategies you may try. What is also important, with binary options trading there are not so many obstacles as in case of the traditional options trading. The simplicity of binary options trading is the reason why binary options trading strategies are easily understood even by a person who does not have much involvement in financial trading in general. Although, it is advised for the beginners to contact a professional binary options trading broker first.

Moreover, the flexibility of binary options trading methods is a great advantage for professional traders. With Olimp Finance you will be able to trade different assets, choose a short term or long term options… whatever strategy fits you the best.

More features that we inform you about to help you make more aware decisions is social trading, a binary options trading strategy that is possible to apply on graphs and economic calendar.

Ways to trade binary options with Olimp Finance

As we have said before, we offer you almost 150 assets to choose from: indices, stocks, commodities, currency pairs… You may even trade a few of them simultaneously. You have to choose the trading instruments.

What are the basic binary options trading instruments? Let us acquaint you with a high/low instrument, a One Touch Instrument and a boundary instrument.

A High/Low instrument

If you want to use a high/low instrument, you will have to predetermine if the value of the underlying asset will go up or down.

A One Touch Instrument

In the case of using One Touch Instrument you decide if the value of the underlying asset will or will not touch the target price.

A boundary instrument

Using a boundary instrument requires decision if the value of the underlying asset will or will not stay within a set price range.

When the option expires, you need to check whether the value of the underlying asset changed the way you have anticipated. If the value of the asset is as you predetermined, the option expires “in the money” and you are getting a payout. The payout does not depend on how much the purchase price is exceeded. For example, an investment of 550 USD on a EUR/USD High option bought at 1.4408 will provide a return of 1715 USD if the price at expiry is higher than 1.4408. The return will not change by how much the purchase price is exceeded at expiry (for instance 1.4409 and 1.4460 will will give you the same profit).

Also, consider the possibility that your expectations have been wrong. If the value of the underlying asset changed in contrast to what you have expected, then the option expires “out of the money” and you lose the money you have invested. But, what is important, you will lose ONLY the amount of money you have invested, never more.

A guide to trading in a few easy steps

First you have to sign up and deposit money. And what’s next? You may begin binary options trading in three simple steps.

  1. Open your binary options trading account
  2. On the right side of the page you will find the Open Trading Account button. Fill in your personal data and open your binary options trading account. You are going to get a verification letter, so check your e-mail. You do not have to make a deposit yet.

  3. Make a deposit
  4. Make a deposit on your account using one of the available methods. You may use online electronic payments, credit card, wire transfer… What is important, there are many currencies you may deposit – not only EUR and USD, but also JPY, CAD, AUD, GBP or RUB.
  5. Choose your instrument
  6. Olimp Finance offers such binary options trading instruments as Call/Put, One Touch, Boundary and Short Term. Choose your option type and an underlying asset you are going to trade. You will also have to decide, what amount of money you wish to invest. After you have done all these steps, click “buy”.

    In case when you are going to use the call/put instrument, choose “call” if you believe the asset’s price will be higher than now at the option’s expiration date. If you think the asset’s price will be lower than currently at the option’s expiry date, choose a “put” option. In case when you are going to use the One Touch instrument, decide if the asset’s value will or will not touch the target price in specified time. If you think the price will touch the barrier, choose “touch” and if you think it will not, choose the “no touch” option.

    If you go with boundary instrument, you have to decide if the price will exceed set barriers. If you believe the asset’s price will stay within the barriers, choose “in”. If you speculate that it will close outside of the barriers, choose “out” option.

    What about the short term instrument? If you are going to use this instrument, choose “call” if you think that the asset’s price will be higher than it is now at the expiry time. Choose “put” if you think the price will be lower at the option’s expiration time.After you choose your binary options trading instrument, pick the underlying asset and the amount of money you wish to invest and click the “BUY” button.

  7. Check your trade
  8. Go to the “My Account” section whenever you’ll want to check your option. All of your trades will be visible on the graphs, and after the expiration date you will see the results there.

Quick trading: how to do it?

  1. Pick an underlying asset you are going to trade
  2. Decide if the price of the underlying asset will go up or down and select “High” or “Low”
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to invest and click “buy”. That’s it!

Invite your friend

Have we get you interested in trading binary options online? We hope so! If you are going to create your own binary options trading account on, we strongly recommend you to also invite your friends. For every person you invite to Olimp Finance, you will get a $150 bonus! Your friends will be rewarded too – as soon as they make their deposit, they will get a $50 bonus. You may invite as many friends, as you like – there are no limits.

Olimp Finance Affiliate Program

As we have said before, Olimp Finance is a company that is developing very fast. How about getting involved in our affiliate program? Do you own a blog, a website of a Facebook or Twitter page? Or maybe you run a financial institution such as a bank, insurance company? Are you an accountant, stock broker, a real estate agent or simply an individual trader? If the answer for any of these questions is “yes” visit our affiliate site and learn how profitable may it be for you to partner with our brand! Remember, that we are the fastest growing brand in online financial trading. Olimp Finance will also provide you with all the tools and support you need to promote our brand. You may also count on favorable commission plans.